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Top 10 Quarantine Foods You Should Have! 

To all those that inboxed me or asked, here it is. The top 10 things you should have in your pantry for quarantines:

10. Disposable plates and @tupperwareusca Don't worry, you will thank me later. I hate washing dishes regularly, but way!

9. Eggs. For years I've been saying how eggs should be stored in a cool dry place and not in the fridge. So yes...Eggs!

8. @tabasco. Yes, Tabasco because it can be used as a condiment, in marinades, even in making sauces like Hollandaise with those non-refrigerated eggs.

7. Teas and I use @rishitea. Listen try a half cup of cold flavored @rishitea with a half cup of sparkling water over ice and come back to me. Not only that, teas can be used in marinades, as smoking flavors on grills and so much more. Trust some teas.

6. Bacon! Cured meats are not only delicious, but they last long and can be very versatile. Split peas and bacon for dinner or a BLTP for lunch.......sorry vegans.

5. Pickling spice, kosher salt, black pepper and @lawrysseasoning. Nothing is worse than bland food when food is a big part of you feeling normal. Be sure to bulk up on your seasonings.

4. Bagels and English muffins. Something about keeping hearty firm bread over regular slice bread that I find exciting. They last longer and are just as versatile. Yeah they may cost a few pennies more, but trust me you won't mind.

3. 3 parts Evoo to 1 part vinegar and you have your go to dressing or even marinade for all your vegetables. Also a lil vinegar and water and u have mouthwash. Or Olive oil for your skin. So yes, a good organic vinegar and a good olive oil for sure.

2. Tomato sauce. Tomato sauce and cream, blended and you have an amazing tomato soup. Or add tomato sauce to your curry for a rich bold taste. What about tomato sauce to cool a burn you see why you should have tomato sauce. Nowadays there are so many to choose from. So go ahead.

Number 1 item......

1. A notebook and a pen. I think you will need to busy yourself during this time and what better way to do so than to record all the recipes you make. Don't be afraid to write stuff down. Have fun. Even if you don't like the dish, record it and make improvements for next time.

BE safe y'all. Stay inside. Wash your hands and eat well and find balance.

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