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Restaurant Crawl for Lovers.

1. Pre-Entrée Drinks at Bon Vivants 

Set the stage for a romantic and intimate evening at Bon Vivants, The Bahamas's premier craft cocktail bar.

2. An Appetizer at Dino's Gourmet Conch Salad Stand

After sipping on a cocktail or two, make your way to Dino's Gourmet Conch Salad Stand in Gambier Village for a delightful native appetizer: conch salad.

3. Korean BBQ at Namul Korean Restaurant

Instead of opting for a traditional entree, explore the Korean BBQ menu at Namul, a Korean fine dining restaurant located in the Old Fort Bay Town Center.

4. Pastries Purchased In Advance From BakehouseOn the morning of your crawl or whenever you have a chance, stop at Bakehouse and grab two pastries for you and your date— ideally something striking a balance between sweet, salty, and crispy.

5. A Nightcap At The GOLDWYNN’s The Atria 

End your romantic evening at the stylish and chic 'The Atria' bar, nestled within the newly-unveiled GOLDWYNN resort—a perfect spot for a post-dinner drink.

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