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Is Lamb the New Steak?

If at no other time of the year, during these holidays, please make sure you treat yourself to a few decadent meals. For me, a good French Lamb Chop meal is a must. Okay, ok, before you start, I know lamb is expensive, especially here in The Bahamas, but what if I told you I had some inside information?

Those big fancy stores located in the east and west of New Providence do sell some pretty decent lamb at about 59.00 per two pack, but here's the thing, so does Sysco Bahamas, the old BFS at about 37.00 per two pack. You heard what's that, about 9.50 per serving if you get 4 servings out of each like most restaurants do?

Moreso than the price, cook

ing lamb is so simple.

If the lamb is frozen allow it to thaw in your fridge for about 24 hours. Then remove it carefully from the bag. NEVER THAW LAMB OUT THE BAG IN WATER. WTF.....😡😡

Secondly, when you're ready to cook the lamb, bring it to a higher internal temperature for about 40 minutes, just by sitting it out on the

counter. This helps the lamb or any meat for that matter to cook evenly. Also, so that if you cook it to MEDRARE the center isn't stone cold.

I use one of my own signature spice rubs that I'm currently developing for sale, but you can season with Montreal seasoning rub or whatever you like.

To cook lamb properly here's what you do.

  1. Start with a heavy pan like a cast iron skillet.

  2. Add a very little neutral oil and place the lamb in the cold pan....🙄🙄🙄😥😏. I can see the culinary learning gods now shaking at the thought. #yesisaidit a cold pan! This will help to render the fat and slowing and evenly increase the temperature of the lamb.

  3. Oh..hold on, one thing. Unlike most chefs I DO NOT remove that glorious fat cap and lamb belly of the rack. It is the best part. Lamb being so young and tender there is no need. "Irregardless" to what others may say.

  4. Sear over medium heat, turning the lamb on all possible areas that can be seared.

  5. Place in a 375F oven for about 9 minutes.

  6. Remove and rest for 9 minutes. (Yes that's the rule of thumb. Rest a meat for about the same time as it was cook to redistribute the juices)

Slice and serve with your favorite sides!

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