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Flats or Drummettes

So are you team flats or team drummettes?

Are you team grill or team fry?

Are you team ranch or team blue cheese?

Team spicy or team sweet?

There's about 276 teams that can be associated with making wings for this Sunday's superbowl! And truth be told I'm not sure which one I find most favorable.

That being said here are 5 amazing wing tips, (pun intended,) for this weekend.

5. Buy good wings. There is no miracle recipe for terrible quality. Bad raw wings make bad cooked wings. So buy fresh, not bruised, clean smelling wings.

4. Season your wings the night before. Nothing is better than wings that are flavored to the bone. And scientists have proven that that salt pretty much is the only thing that truly permeates the flesh of food so season liberally with salt, pepper, paprika and Ms. Dash lemon pepper. Yes I said it! Make some extra seasoning to sprinkle on the cooked wings at the end.

3. Don't just use ALL PURPOSE FLOUR. Use a combination of AP flour, rice flour and potato or corn starch to dredge your wings. Beyeh try hard buy some better flours. Use a 2 to 1 to 1 ratio.

2. If you're frying go to 325 Farenheit. Take your time and go slow so that you don't have burnt wings on the outside and raw inside. If your team bake.....try 400 to start, brown and then drop to 325 to finish. If you're team #grill try confit wings first them grill after . (Confit is poaching in flavoured oil until done)

  1. Dips and condiments are just as important as the wings. I'm sharing this recipe with you all exclusively.

My Ultimate Blue Ranch Dressing!


1 Quart Mayonnaise

1 Lbs Sour Cream

1/2 Lbs Good Quality Blue Cheese

1/2 Ounce, Weight chives

1/2 Ounce, Weight Parsley

2/5 Ounce, Weight Dill

3 Grams Garlic Powder

3 Grams Onion Powder

1/4 Ounce, Weight salt

1/4 Ounce, Weight Black Pepper

3/4 Ounce, Weight Celery salt


Mix all ingredients until well combined and refrigerate

Yield: 48 1 FLOZ Servings

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