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Dried Meat, Dry Conch.....Same Difference. 

Funny how "People" especially "Island People" and their descendants always found a way to make the least of everything better. Michael Twitty, black food historian, always says that Our Food empowered us, and changed the people that enslaved us. Well one of my favorite people here in Hawaii is showing me how I can adapt a favorite recipe, pipikaula, and make this dish apart of my repertoire. This process of hanging, smoking and drying beef reminds me so much of Dry Conch that of course you know I have to dive deeper! Food is your Flag. Food is your culture! Enjoy! #islandtotable #islandchefs #islandlife #islandflare #ilivewhereyouvacation #icookwhereyouvacation #IgniteTheIsland #foodie #food #blogger #festival #hwff

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