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Why We almost cancelled Ignite 2020!

There is a Tibetan adage which says, "Tragedy should be utilized as a source of strength". The Dalai Lama also enlightens that "no matter the difficulties, or how painful the experience, if we lose our hope, that is our real disaster". With these proverbs in mind, my team and I have decided to forge ahead with IGNITE 2020. However the event will be reimagined as single evening of masterful Bahamian Gastronomy as opposed to the full week of culinary events promised at IGNITE 2019. Truth be told, events of that magnitude require approximately 12 months of planning and a minimum of $100K in sponsorship. However, with Hurricane Dorian now embedded in the DNA of all Bahamians, including corporate sponsors, our responsibilities have shifted. Pledged sponsors have committed support to rebuilding the affected islands and some featured chefs have used vacation and extra time to volunteer to support our countrymen. As a Culinary Griot, an advocate of "all tings' Bahamian" and the creator of IGNITE, it seems befitting and inspirational to hold an evening of refined Bahamian Food and Culture featuring displaced chefs from Abaco and Grand Bahama and international Chefs from The World Chef Program (who assisted those displaced in the aftermath of the storm) assisted by local Bahamian Chefs The proceeds will be donated to a reputable Hurricane relief charity, solidifying our continued support to the country as well. To that end, my team and I are looking to partner with an amazing resort venue, hospitality vendors, as well as food and beverage suppliers to execute this innovative vision. That could be you! We can all strategically use this platform to continue to raise awareness about disaster preparedness, mitigation and emergency relief efforts nationally and regionally. This indeed is a bold and progressive idea, requiring bold and progressive partners to bring this vision to fruition. Nevertheless I believe that this is an amazing cause and an amazing story of overcoming can be told. 12 Chefs, 1 restaurant takeover, 1 historic night where an amazing story will be told. Our proposed date for this event is June 20 2020. Please do not hesitate to contact me via the contact page on this website. I eagerly await your favorable response as our support for those displaced by Hurricane Dorian and Bahamian Down Home Culture continues. Peace and Flava and please visit Ignite 2019 video-

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