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     Who is Chef Simeon Hall Jr. ? 

Hello! Alooooha! Chef Simeon here! I’m eclectic- which means that conjuring out-of-the-box culinary experiences is my passion and fuel for my 18-hour days. I grew up where pristine sands complimented the ever-changing hues of an ocean that kissed the sun daily. This paradise is known to some as Nassau, the capital of The Bahamas; but to me, it was simply home. At a tender age, I was privileged to serve as “helper” to some of the greatest Cooks I have ever known, in the persons of my grandmothers affectionately called “Nola” and “Nay”. It was through these creative and resourceful powerhouses that I developed a passion and appreciation for preparing simple, yet delicious dishes with fresh ingredients locally grown and harvested from Mother Nature herself. I have evolved from an Apprentice Cook to a true Culinary Artisan and Culinary Event Curator after serving in the culinary industry in varying capacities for over 20 years. As Chef & Owner of Simeon Hall Restaurant Management Group, I am a fierce proponent of the ‘farm to table’ and ‘sea to spoon’ movements and have made an intentional effort to incorporate these in all of my creations to date. As a staunch supporter of local ingredients, farmers and fishermen, I naturally became a true Bahamian Culinary Ambassador and a genuine supporter of putting local ingredients and products on the supper tables of Bahamians and international clientele. As a Food Service Leader, my main goals are to: * mentor & motivate burgeoning Chefs through my successes and to share my eventful culinary experiences with others * to bridge the gap between fundamental culinary practices and modern creativity * to elevate the Farm to Table & Sea to Spoon movements to everyday, sustainable lifestyles, while also committing to best practices and achieving profitability As an Author, it is my hope to pay homage to the history of Caribbean cuisine, rooted in colorful, fragrant and classic flavors & ingredients the world has come to know while introducing techniques and flavors to my readers and fellow Culinarians. Check back to purchase a copy of my latest book - “700 Recipes and Receipts” I currently live in Kapolei, Hawaii where I currently serve as Restaurant Chef of La Hiki in the Four Seasons Resort Oahu at Ko Olina – my tropical vibes and the Polynesian culture serve as inspiration for everything my team and I present daily. I hope to have the privilege of curating your next culinary adventure- maybe at your nearest farm, seaside venue or backyard!

Please subscribe to this blog and stay connected with us via social media as well. Peace and Flavor Chef Simeon Hall Jr.

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Eustacia Marie Jennings
Eustacia Marie Jennings
16. Okt. 2019

That photo collage of all things Bahamian just touched me deep in my soul!!

Gefällt mir
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