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When Da Sesason Closed, but You jounsin......

Lobster season is officially closed and for all you supporters of local and sustainable, maybe you were like me and saved all your lobster shells and heads to make lobster based dishes outside the season.

Yinna know how I go. From head to tail. Top to bottom. Snout to trotter dats me......But dis time I wanted share a gluten free version of this popular dish. Whatttt! Gluten free? Yes thickened with you guessed it, &@%@&#&&@*. Lol. That's me censoring the secret thickener.


Hold on though. I'm sure most of you haven't saved lobster shells and heads. Or have lobster that was caught before the season ended a few days ago so......check me back here August 1st and the recipe will be posted. I don't want you getting any unsustainable ideas.

We about to get fancy! August 1st.

So your job is to make sure that you support sustainable law abiding fishermen and help our waters stay plentiful for years to come.

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