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Vegan.....The Journey from Carnivore to "Vegetablevore"

Rosemary "Hay" Roasted Carrots, Burst Heirloom Tomatoes, Mint Cardamom "Fauxgurt"

I will be the first to admit partaking in a Vegan Lifestyle is difficult. The world is designed to be everything but.......As a chef I have a few advantages that I wish to share with you.

Every vegan pantry should have:

1. Barilla pasta and a non fructose, no added cheese tomato sauce.

2. Coconut oil. Vegan or not this is essential. As an ingredient, for skin, for.....listen just keep a bottle around.

3. Hot sauce or Pepper sauce. Bland is not acceptable as a vegan. And hot sauces usually "pep up" the normality of any dish. Not just from the heat, but from the added acidic boost.

4. Fresh herbs, garlic, EVOO; okay so this isn't one item, nor is it for the pantry, but these are essential. If there ever was a time to flavor your food with "SOUL" it's now!

5. Tortillas! Use these to thicken soups, add to vegetables stews for texture, to eat as a snack and so much more. These are definitely Italy a vegan must-have.

Duo of mushroom ragout, shaved vegetables, truffles, grilled baguette.

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1 Comment

Sherry Cooper
Sherry Cooper
Jan 17, 2020

About coconut oil.... Not only do I have some in my shower, I also use it to season my wooden cutting boards and season my cast iron. Oh, and I also cook with it ;-)

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