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Valentine's Day in The Bahamas

Hey baby can I be your slave? I've gat to admit girl, you're the........

Oh man, just like this line from one of my favorite movies of all times, Love Jones, I hope these tips for all you lovers helps you to highlight your connection this "Walen-Times".

(I also hope you don't need a specific day to show appreciation and love, but aye.....) Anyways, here are 5 must-follow tips for next Monday.

5. Try going to restaurants that offer set menus on busy days like Valentine's. Next to Mother's Day, February 14th is one of the busiest nights ever. Even the most organized restaurant will experience delays and hiccups. By ordering from what's called a table d'hote menu the service may go smoother so that you can enjoy your date.

4. If dining out is your preferred option, think about a lunch date. I'm sure they will be busier than ususal, but not as busy as dinner time. Check out somw od my favorite spots from my article last year in Bon Appetit magazine. Oh. And book now. I guarentee many spots will not have availabilities.

3. Try a couple's date night. Turn your kitchen into an Iron Chef Competition with mystery ingredients and the works. Throw in a few games and boom a memorable night will emerge. It may also make the night less "stressful" for newer couples if they are with friends.

2. DON'T EVER USE SCENTED CANDLES AT YOUR DINNER TABLE. Ever "tasted" your waiter's cologne? You know, the dude that used too much of his Christmas gift then decided to serve you. Because you eat with your sensory glands, extra scents can actually become a part of your eating experience. So that guava duff candle from biggety belongs in the bathroom not on the dinner table.

1. Share courses. Yes ladies I know you think a man in the kitchen is sexy, but so is a couple in the kitchen. Challenge each other by each being in charge of a course and make what you're good at. Tonight isn't the night to be pinterest cooking. Make his favourite dish. Grill her steak just the way she likes it and boom! Maybe you may or may not need Dessert! Lol.

There you go. Go to for some.more recipes tips etc.

Happy Loving. Ps. If this works my favourite color is GREY!

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