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Surviving Inflation- 5 Ways to Cut your Grocery Bill by Plenty.

The thing is there are facts and then there are truths.  The fact is, the world is most likely headed into a recession and the impending inflation at our local food stores will not soon disappear.  

However, the truth is, with creativity, expert advise and some changes you and me both can survive this.  In fact we will survive it. 

That being said,  here are 5 guaranteed tips to help you save money at the grocery store.  Tips that if you make them your new habit over the next 30 days I guarantee they will work for you or I'll come and cook you dinner myself for FREE! 

(Certain, no plentyrestrictions apply. Lol ☺️☺️🤣) 

Nah listen before we go a step further, these will only work if you actually do them.  Not in part, not just the ones that you like, but all! 

5. Stop going to the grocery store once a week. About 25% of what you buy is wasted. That's $25.00 of $100.00 down the trash.  Whether it be through spoilage, leftovers that noone eats or..... wastage accounts for a huge portion of your yearly grocery bill.  By stock piling perishables you risk the chance of food waste and by overcooking you risk the chance of food being thrown out.  WE ALL DO IT! 

4. Make soups.  All over my repertoire and the internet at large, soups are a huge part of an economical, yet healthy diet.  And most blended soups for example, have little to no waste.  

Try my economical Tomato soup with pasta for 4. (Total cost $8.64) Add a hearty salad or half sandwich to this meal and your hungriest family member will be satisfied. 

1 jar Field Day garlic tomato past sauce 

4 oz salted butter 

2 oz half and half 

2 servings of cooked Field Day Pasta of your choice.  


Heat the sauce and rinse of the jar, halved with water.  Don't play like only me is rinse out my jar. Besides you're taking it from a sauce to a soup.  

After simply add to a high power blender, add butter and cream and blend until smooth.  Correct the seasoning, add the pasta an serve.

3. In The Bahamas we are so spoiled and literally only consume items that we are accustomed too. In these times, being flexible and exploring will be paramount. Foods like breadfruit, okra, doctor fish, grunts, eggplants and strawberry grouper will need to replace those items that continue to climb the pricing ladder.  Trust me on this! Ironically, that how most foods become popular.  

2. Community sharing. Oh boy. Here we go! This one is going to be met with an abundance of "feedback". But da trute is...  this is how we've survived for centuries. Imagine being able to pick up another shift and knowing that it's your sister's night to cook? Or imagine being a neighbor to a fisherman and/ or a farmer. Imagine how awesome it would be if one family brought the fish, another the veggies and your family cooked for everyone.  Sounds foreign? Remember when Auntie used to buy in bulk and then share it up with everyone? Welp! 

(Honorary Mention- So, I've said it already, but repeat for emphasis: Wasting is no longer an option. Yesterday's souse water leftovers is today's chicken noodle soup. Or leftover rice is tomorrow's breakfast fried rice, or rice and chicken soup.  Hold on, one more; yesterday's leftover steamed chicken gravy is tomorrow's corned beef and grits.  My mother always said that I remained her of her Grammy as I refuse to throw away anything that can be resued creatively.)

1. Shop around! Beyeh, I remember frowning at my mother who would drive miles for a bargain and now......this too is my mantra. Truth is there are bargains all around us.  From the farmer's market to the fisherman's ramp, to the weekly specials from your favorite grocer.  It's time to shop around.  Yeah, yeah before you say gas is expensive, be real and know it's more about convenience and time than petrol.  It's time to grab the local newspaper and check on those specials or ask customer service for in-store specials.  Believe me they will have them! 

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