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Some Absolutely Captivating Food Shows that every Chef, Cook and Food Enthusiast Should Watch!

Good morning all.  Peace and flava.  Here are some Food-centric shows that every chef, cook and food enthusiast should be watching at this time.  This list is by no means complete or does it intentionally exclude any show, but ain no way I was gone put all the food shows I've watched on one list.  I think these are the ones that I simply chose to highlight at 3.45 am when I thought to put this list together.  Please, by all means suggest yourns.  

7 Days Out- Eleven Madison Park's Episode  (Frankly you should watch the entire series as it definitely teaches so many aspects of craftsmanship) 

Andrew and His Olive Tree.  The story about Chef Andre Chang who chooses to CLOSE his Michelin star restaurant and why! 

I sold the French Laundry and it became the world's best restaurant.  The captivating story about Sally Schmitt the orginal owner of acclaimed French Laundry Restaurant. A documentary as told by the New York Times.  

High on the Hog.  The Diasporic journey of African food. Some chilling facts.  

A tale of Two Kitchens..... One of my favs

All the CHEF'S TABLE SERIES ANS EPISODES.  I have my favorites and I'm sure you'll have yours.  In fact, I have a few that I disagree with but I think that is what makes these shows a must watch.  

And without confusing the intentions of this list definitely check out BEFS Bizzare Bahamas episode with over 6 million views!

and World of Big Moe Cason, an unconventional look at The Bahamas through the lens of this Pitmaster

Oh and finally allow me this one selfish and shameless plug for The Caribbean Cookoff Show that is pioneering how we see the impact of Caribbean Cuisne in thr world.

I grew up with encyclopedias and television that turned of at midnight. Now, frankly ignorance is a choice. So please dive in to these amazing shows and feel free to leave some of your favorites in tht comment section!

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1 comentario

Sherry Cooper
Sherry Cooper
20 sept 2022

I LOVE the Netflix series Chef's Table. So beautiful and masterful. I loved the Amazonia chef in Brazil the most; showing how he re-imagined Brazilian food - true to his roots and yet bringing it into a new era. Thanks for this post!

Me gusta
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