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Kalik Beer Can Chicken

Beyeh, this recipe is so easy you won't regret stopping by. You will need 1 whole all natural chicken, about 2.75 pounds for every 4 persons and 1 can of Bahamian Kalik Beer (Yes you can substitute with another kind, but why would you?)

Shou out to Kalik!

Okay so.....this is the longest part. You have to brine your chicken overnight or at least 12 hours.


1 cup kosher salt

1/2 cup sugar

1 gallon of distilled water

Juice from one lemon, lime, orange

1 head of garlic split and crushed

1 quartered whole onion

Fresh rosemary and thyme

Use about two cups of water and add the salt and sugar. Add to a pot and heat until fully dissolved. Add the remaining ingredients to a large bowl and combine. This is your brine. Place the bird inside and ensure that it is fully covered and let it sit overnight.

1 hour before roasting, remove the bird from the brine and pat dry. Open the Kalik Beer can and place it upright into the cavity of the bird. Season again and hold uncovered in the fridge for at least 45 minutes.

Preheat your over at this time to 365 Farenheit.

To roast: Ensure the bird is upright and roast for 1 hr. Remove the can, cool and then serve.

Listen to me......... one of the best summer recipes around!

Serve with my favorite cornbread recipe posted already!

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