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"I want to be successful alongside others!"- Chef Simeon Hall Jr.  

So many people have dubbed the year of 2020 the year of SELF! Self-reflection, self-love, self-awareness and much more.

For me it's the year of selflessness. To that end and to kick of 2020 I'm going to offer 10 sessions to anyone seeking sensible food and beverage advice. Whether it be a bride planning her wedding, a chef not strong in food costing, someone thinking about opening a restaurant, or a major facility looking for fresh eyes, you qualify. Message me at on my contact page and I will personally follow up with you to discuss your needs.

My services are usually very costly and I don't do anything for free because people don't value free, so the 50.00 you give will all go to a worthy cause.

I am only taking 10 people and this opportunity will be open for the next few days. Snooze yah lose! I once saved a small restaurant 8900.00 in 1 hr just by reviewing their business plan. That could be you.

For someone starting out every penny counts and like me when I started I wish I had someone to help me understand and now you do. and let's talk!

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