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Happy Independence Bahamas?

The problem with long posts is that very few people ever read them in their entirety. In fact, I often simply click the like button and scroll on when I see lengthy notations on social media....But, bare with me on this one.

As we all proudly celebrate our 48th year of independence as a nation, ask yourself, "What are we independent from?" What if we had stayed under British rule? Or dare I ask what if we became an American territory? (Surely, I'm not the only one with such wandering thoughts.)

The truth be told when we look at what, and who run this country are we really swaddled under the true definition of the word, INDEPENDENT?

Ok, let me be more specific and link this discussion to my area of expertise. Are we food secure? Are Bahamians at the forefront of the restaurant and foodservice scene in this country? How many qualified Bahamians are at the highest level of food and beverage in our local resorts and hotels? Are we paid the same or frankly a better salary than our expat counterparts working in our country? Listen here, we 48 years old and Bahamian artists are still fighting to be included in the independence day ceremony?

Are we where we should be at 48 years? I'm almost this age, and I'm still transitioning. As you get older you start to think about things on a whole different level. Your expectations mature, your actions mature and your responses mature. So as we are a stone's throw away from a half of century as a nation, I think a shift in dialogue - to the deeper meaning of things - is timely.

So yeah, say what you wish, celebrate our country, but don't forget to ask yourself....."What are we independent from?"

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1 Comment

Georgette Jacobs
Georgette Jacobs
Jul 07, 2021

I see no lie! 🤷🏾‍♀️ #truth #awareness #forefront #ourculture #whatwefightingfor #freedom #trueindependence

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