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Don't Invite Me to Your House from November 1/ January 2 if You Ain't Have No Food!

Okay......I'll start by admitting that Thanksgiving is not a Bahamian holiday, but this is the season to be thankful and to fellowship. And ain't nothing more engaging than....FOOD!!!!

Secondly, we may all not be chefs that write for Bon Appetit, 😏😏 , but you can certainly cook like one or to be honest, BETTER!

Quick question what knives and tools do you have in your kitchen drawer suffering from severe ataxia?

Can I be frank for a minute? From Novemeber 1 to January 2 if you invite me to your house and you don't have food I'm not coming. #yesisaidit #sorrynotsorry. And...... again there is a easy way to make that happen.

  1. Meat and cheese. Yeap! Have an abundance of cured meats and cheeses ready to go. Add some toast and Voila!

  2. Conch fritter batter. Dis Da Bahamas Beyeh. Who don't like conch fritter? If they don't that's a definite 🚩🚩🚩🚩.

  3. Something sweet! We all have that innate urge to finish a meal, comfort ourselves or whatever with something sweet. Try making an Eggnog float, my cbd chocolate cake or whatever. Just be ready to BAKE! last tip. Here's how to assemble the perfect meat and cheese platter.

  1. No reason for me to be a hater, so the only place I know that has amazing cheeses and cured meat in New Providence is Solomon's Fresh Market. Go to the one out west and ask for Radday! (They didn't, but should pay me to say that!)

  2. Select at least 5 cheeses ranging from hard and dry to soft and creamy. I always do a Brie and some form of goat cheese.

  3. Do the same with the meats. From dry and robust to soft and mild. I do prosciutto and Genoa salami always.

  4. Next a good charcuterie board always has; nuts, dried fruit, a preserve or honey, a pickled item and a fresh fruit of some kind or a green herb or salad. All these items work in unison to create an amazing experience and mouth feel!

  5. Lastly, bread or crackers. I do a combination. From regular toast to homemade crackers, you will definitely need some bread

Tour my blog for tips that will definitely help you entertain better this holiday!

Eat good Beyeh!

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