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                  Coming Soon! 

"Make people greater than yourself and you will live forever", Dr. Myles Munroe. With 25 years of culinary experience around the world, features in over 40 international and local publications, celebrity and "everyday foodie" clients, Chef Simeon Hall Jr. is bringing his experience to his home shores of The Bahamas. To celebrate his island tour, for ONE DAY ONLY, Chef Simeon presents a Masterclass focusing on hospitality from a unique perspective. Budding chefs & culinary artisans, boutique restauranteurs, adventurous students - this has been curated just for you and is definitely one to invest in. Topics such as branding, sourcing start up capital, recruiting & managing human resources, and creative concept designs will be discussed. Spaces are extremely limited. Stay tuned for more information. Thanks in advance y'all...

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