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Baking with The Bishop's Son Photos by FDot Photography.

Many light years ago I learned to celebrate my successes big and small. Not just for me, but for all the persons courageous enough to partner, support and invest in me.

So, I would like to publicly thank Ms, Anita Rahming and her team over at The Kitchen at Baha Mar, all those that invested their money and time by attending the event, all our sponsors, and especially Alliyah, Sam, Dakota, Quentin, Dereck, and Mike. Without any of you, this would not have been possible.

These two classes have simply grazed the surface of what is to come. So please stay tuned for more in our Masterclass series.

And for all those that have been asking, classes with Chef Mike, The Kitchen at Baha Mar's resident chef are available for locals all the time. Just call and tell them I sent you!

Tanks Beyeh and have a Bahamaful Day!

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