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Bahamian Ingredients Demystified! 

Okay so maybe the title is a little more intense than the actual post. Almost like the movie trailer that's better than the movie. LOL. ALMOST!

Thing is I've been invited to cook all over the world and everytime I do, rest assured I do so repping The Bahamas. It is often difficult to procure some of my ingredients and I often have to carry a few items along. Also, many times visitors and non-Bahamians have no clue to what out ingredients are. So see my guide below.

Picture Key

  1. Bennie seeds

  2. Fat back

  3. Native orange

  4. Dried conch

  5. Fermented tomato sauce

  6. Guinea corn

  7. Salt beef/ salt pork

  8. Island rock salt

  9. Spanish thyme

  10. Golden coconut

  11. Whelks

I also usually must have some gifts for whomever I'm going to see.

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