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A Dessert Named- Bimini Gal

If you've ever eaten my food, you know that I believe the best food reminds you of something or creates a new sumthin' to remember. Well over 475 people voted and unknowingly agreed with me, that a good creme brulee is one of our favorite desserts.

This recipe reminds me of someone I once dated, a Bimini gal, my Kryptonite, my ex who we shall call for privacy reasons, Tingum. She loved my creme brulees. In fact in hindsight maybe she stayed with me for the creme brulee. Smart woman.


I haven't shared this recipe ever.... And I'm definitely not responsible for the outcome. Just remember to name your child after Here Goes!

You will need ramekins, a deep baking dish, a strainer and a torch

Will make 5 in a creme brulee ramekin

1 lb heavy cream

4 oz organic white sugar plus some for the brulee

kosher salt, a pinch

1 real vanilla bean, not that cheap imitation extract

3 oz beaten organic egg yolks

1 oz sugar for brulee

To make;

Bring the cream and 1/2 the sugar to a boil and immediately remove and set to cool covered. Split and scrape the vanilla bean, only use 1/2 add to the cream. Cool and steep for about 15 minutes. While cooling whisk the egg yolks, salt and other 2 oz of sugar until you get a pail fluffy mix. Return the milk to medium heat. Warm but do not boil. Then here is the tricky part.

  • Preheat the oven to 325 degrees Fahrenheit


Take the warm milk and gradually mix+whisk it into the egg mix. Strain into the ramekins. Place the ramekin into a water bath, (a deep dish filled with water to 3/4 quarters way of the ramekins). Bake for 20 minutes. Do not overcook it!

Her Favorite! And yes I put this on a menu just for her!

Remove from the oven and cool for about 3 hours. To serve, top with sugar and torch. Serve immediately!

Try adding your favorite flavor by adding 2 oz of anything!


The last dessert she had 2 days before we separated for good!

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Adrian Taylor
Adrian Taylor
Nov 04, 2019


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