Many of the services we provide, were studied and learned through necessity. Whether it is artisan bread making, menu creation, proper barbecue and smoking techniques, restaurant design, food styling, etc. the need to master these aspects of foodservice become essential. After discovering that local assistance was virtually non-existent, I immersed myself in extensive training over the last 10 years. That training is now available to you through this company.
— Chef Simeon Hall Jr.
Chef Simeon Hall Jr., was very instrumental in leading us in the right direction with our state-of-the-art Club House/Wine Bar; he is certainly ‘The Original Culinary Artist!!”.- Ken and Sherry Brookes, owners Dolphin Cove Bahamas
— Ken and Sherry Brookes, owners Dolphin Cove Bahamas

Hospitality Consultation

No longer does the division of Front of the House and Back of the House work. Forward thinking companies such as The Ritz Carlton also require that their Chefs head the Food and Beverage program, in most cases. As a former Ritz Carlton Executive Chef, coupled with my industry partners, the services that we provide are as effective as any international company. In fact, being local often has a great advantage. From hospitality accounting to sequences of service, we can surely help your operation run more efficiently.

Restaurant Design


Over the last five years, one of my hobbies - interior design - has blossomed into one of the many services we offer. With the partnership of three famed local architects and associations with a famed American-based restaurant designer, we have worked with several investors to develop very unique restaurant designs. Couple all this with my two years of fundamental architecture at The College of the Bahamas, and our restaurant designs can stand in any global arena. 




Food Styling and Photography

 Every image on this site was sketched, prepared, styled and directed by Chef Simeon Hall himself. Whether the medium is food, people or places, Chef Hall is obsessed with hospitality/ food images on a level that has his partnering photographers amazed. Chef Hall currently has images featured on several sites throughout the Bahamas and other international media outlets.