Grill cheese 4.0

This is one of those sandwiches where you will need to make more than just one. One for the kids and one for you. I'm sure we all believe that we are the best at making grill cheese sandwichez so again this is more about tips for making your grill cheesin' even better. 

1 Forget about cheese only on the inside......We're to upin' our grill cheese 4.0 game with melted Swiss on top. 

2. Use a thick hearty wheat bread so that you can bite into something with  Flava.  

3. I don't Butter my bread as butter burns too fast.  Slather    your bread with Hellmans mayonnaise.  #yesisaidit and it works. 

4. Okay look at the diagram for the proper way to assemble your grill cheese.  

5. Don't be afraid to add either a sweet or savory element to the sandwich. I spread tomato sauce or local guava jam depending on how I feel.  

6. When cooking add a tbsp of olive oil,  a 1/2 tsp of cold butter to your skillet with a sprig of fresh thyme. This will impart its flavor to the cooking liquid. 

7. And for the COUP DE GRACE only finish the sandwich 3/4 of the way. Place 2 thick slices of Swiss of the top bread and melt in a hot oven just before serving. If you have a large audience take it up to this step then finish in the oven with the top cheese just before your guests are hungry. 

Just because this is not ONLY for kids I recommend both the Beringer Founders Estate chardonnay and the pinot noir, if you want something a bit heavier to pair with this. 

Enjoy always eat what you like and drink what you want. Eat. Pray. Love.