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I guess most people would want me to explain why I've been away from my blog for so long, but the truth is, I wont. Anyone that is a true fan of mine would know that I never commit to an explanation of why or why not, but embrace the moment. So cheers to the return of the most exciting blog in The Caribbean, The Bahamas and now Hawai'i. Yes if you don't know I'm now in  Honolulu. 



I've traded in my sandals and shorts for wait; sandals and shorts. Yeap. They couldn't get this island boy to leave what I know and love. Sun sand and sea. Ironic I know. I have however left conch salad for poke and Fish fries for Luaus. (Not sure if that's spelled correctly, but it gives you something to Google and inbox me about). 

I have however been able to maintain my commitment to  local, sustainable and to the storytelling that chefs and farmers are entilled  to tell.       



Farmer Christian cutting a candy stripe beets for the team to see. 


The end of a busy day with the Restaurant service staff members. 

All that, inspires the focus for me here on this island, but boy do I get Homesick. Hawaii is the most isolated inhabited island chain in the world. We are 5 hrs from L.A. and exactly 12 hrs flying travel time from The Bahamas. So just imagine the feeling of being so far away from family and food culture I love. BUT THERE WAS HOPE. I FOUND GUAVAS. Real  authentic guavas........So what else could I do besides make Guava Duff.  


I'm not sure why it is, but I've always had an issue making good guava rum butter sauce. I called my favorite Pastry chef, model and friend Volanda R., but to my surprise her day was so busy that she didn't respond at all. ( Yes I put her on blast because she was suppose to do something to make it up and she didn't do that neither! Still love you chef. Lol!) 

So out of frustration and share luck I made for the first time, the best rum butter sauce which I will now share with you.... 

2 lbs unsalted butter ( soft but not melted)  

1/4 cup evaporated milk  

1/4 cup whole milk

1/2 cup white sugar 

1/2 tablespoon vanilla  

1 cup guava puree*   ( To make the puree; take the seeds from 3 lbs of fresh guavas. Add 1 cup water and blists in a powerful blender. Strain with a fine sieve and use) 

1 cup of local dark rum. 

A pinch of kosher salt


Using a simple home hand mixer blend the butter until creamy and lighter in color. Slowly add the milks one by one. Then continue to whip adding each remaining ingredient slowly and steadily. The end result should be a sauce light and airy with perfect balance of sweet and "rummy". 

I very rarely make promises, but I promise you, that this sauce is amazing and worthy to top any pastry authentic enough to be cooked for exactly 1 hr and 23 minutes in a pillowcase in boiling water on top of anyone's stove. 


For those needing a duff recipe stay tuned. And for those with friends like Chef V please handle my recipe with care and start cooking. 


See you all again very soon!