The coolest back to school tips ever! Turn your kitchen into a Healthy Grab and Go for your kids!

Summer is over, so let's get back at it. No more fast foods and cheating all week long. Pizza night is back to once a week and the kitchen cobwebs need to be swept away. 

Imagine those grab and go spots in the airports that are filled with healthy options etc. That is what your refrigerator should morph into for this school year.  

I'm not a parent, but I have an awesome nephew that wants to be a chef and I refuse to ever let him eat from the Kid's Menu. Subsequently, I hate chicken tender and fries or pasta with just plain cheese . So strap in. Call or text a girlfriend. Get ready for the most important blog I've ever posted. 

Frozen all fruit/ no added sugar popsicles with dry ice.  

Frozen all fruit/ no added sugar popsicles with dry ice.  

There is no way to be sequential with this as I am literally busting with ideas and tips. So please excuse my randomness;

1. If your kids like something healthy incorporate it into their diet often, but remember, anything overdone can be harmful. (My baby cousin once had so much carrot juice his palms, eyes and soles of his feet were literally orange. Shout out TJ. So be careful.) 

2. Find a fruit that your child likes regardless of the cost and have it available for snacks. Pay now or pay the doctor later. 

Grilled cheese and plantain sandwich with popcorn chowder 

Grilled cheese and plantain sandwich with popcorn chowder 

Let's put the list on pause because I just have to share something I just thought about. Told you I'm bursting with ideas today!  

Some amazing kids menu ideas.  

  • Grilled cheese with plantain sandwich with a side of popcorn chowder . 
  • Fruit salad water . Yeap I said it. Get yourself a water infuser bottle and trick your child's water out. They aren't just for your selfies at the gym. 
  • Homemade chicken pot pie made with unsweetened coconut milk and tons of vegetables.  
  • No pasta vegetable lasagna. I make this all the time for meat and carb lovers and they love it.  
  • Instead of just a plain green salad try mixing berries, oranges or mango, gluten free lightly sweetened cereal for an amazing crunch ( most schools forbid nuts due to allergies), parmesan cheese and yogurt dressing. Oh! Try getting them to taste cherry tomatoes. Most kids love them because they are slightly sweeter and fun to eat. Btw here's my yogurt dressing recipe. 

Yogurt recipe 

1 cup fat free Greek yogurt  

1/4 cup EVOO  

1/4 cup distilled water

Juice of half of lemon and orange  

Salt and pepper to taste.  

In a blender add all the ingredients except the EVOO. Which by the way is extra virgin olive oil.   

Incorporate everything then slowly add the EVOO. Reserve and serve with salads and instead of ranch dressing with raw fun vegetables. 

Flavored milk. It's not new nor did I event this idea, but you know we are making it awesome again!  

My favorite is for kids is carrot milk  

Recipe. It's so simple your want believe it.  

4 cups of ultra pasteurized organic whole milk ( I'm sorry, but all those save the planet, kumbaya milks I do not like. A cow makes milk naturally not soybeans.) 

6 large local or organic carrots washed, peeled and diced.   

Simply add to a high power blender and puree. You can strain the mix but I prefer it unstrained.  


Roast a chicken or 2 on Sunday and make a GA-ZILLION dishes for the week. 

Firstly here's my go to quick roasted chicken recipe. 


FIRSTLY, buy good chicken...... I have a guy, but I suggest you buy Abaco Big Bird or Bell and Evans from Fresh Market. 

Buy the chicken on Friday roast it on Sunday. 

You will have to brine it.  

1 gallon of distilled water for every chicken  

1/4 cup sugar and 1/4 cup  kosher salt  

1 lime  

Optional spices and herbs if you want. 

Mix the brine and add the whole bird. Be one foe at least 48 hours. Remove the bird and air dry in your refrigerator.  

Season and roast at 325 for 1 hour. Should be awesome.  

  1. Roasted chicken leg quaters or dark meat chicken pot pie. 
  2. Chicken salad with yogurt dressing (recipe above) with craisins, grapes and pine nuts. 
  3. Chicken noodle soup. The bones make the most amazing stock.  

Chicken noodle soup stock. 

The roasted chicken bones cut up.  

1 carrot, peel and diced,  1 celery stalk, washed and diced and 1/2 onion diced.  

1 bag leaf.  

2 cloves of garlic  

A few allspice  

12 dried mushrooms. Shiitake are my favs.  

Add to a medium pot with water to cover and slowly cook for about 2 hours. Strain and add a few FRESH thyme sprigs.  Freeze and use when needed. 


What we do is all for them. As adults we may have the worse eating habits, but our children and the younger generation need not suffer like we do. Feed them well. Please!  


Amazing how this all started with this menu. I hope that I can work with schools, restaurants and kid centers around the world to introduce this NEW kids menu and better eating. I believe that with your help we can get this style of menu in the hands of those that feed our children. Please like, share and invite others to be a part of this movement!