5 ways to eat like me when you travel!

Once again before we get started let me insert my disclaimers now. These are only suggestions that have worked foe me over the years. There is no scientific proof nor any guarantees that they will have similar effects when used by you. 

Simply put you may not be as charming as me. Who knows? 


Here we go.

There are surely many ways to get preferential treatment or to eat well when travelling but here are my top five ways. 

1. Don't be afraid to mention you are from The Bahamas, if you are that is. Lol. Most people either want to visit our country or they have and want to talk about it. And of course, we all know that once the server flirts, I mean is attentive to you, no refills turn to endless refills and you may even hear about the off menu specials that's are often reserved for special Friends of the restaurant customers only. 

2. Plan to eat well. THAT'S RIGHT! Most vacation planning rarely include eating well especially if it's a large family. However, eating well does not have to mean eating expensively. When I travel I always have to hit up: 

A. A local food truck 

B. A local farmers market. They often have some of the best artisan food. 

C. A local  Starbucks.  ( This is where I get all my  info on where the locals eat and party. I used to ask concierge but they seem to reserved at work.) 

No matter what you do always budget to eat out well at least once as a part of your trip before you decide on going to your 7th Mall on the trip.  

3. Always mention if your having a birthday or any other celebrations. Can you say FREE DESSERT?  

ALMOST  WITHOUT fail.  It's a sort of the secret code that most restaurants have not to charge for birthdays and anniversaries. However who knows what honor there is amongst us these days, so be prepared! 

A free dessert for my nephew for simply being an ALL A student.  

A free dessert for my nephew for simply being an ALL A student.  

4. Be a repeat or return guest.  If for some reason 

You find a spot that you like, try going back twice on one trip or even when you return to visit again. Going back for  SECONDS  is the   biggest form of flattering there is. Remember how Nana treated you when you asked for a little bit more of something everyone else seemed not to like, well that! Even try asking for the same waiter or the chef if you got their names. Trust me this will get you the hook up!  


Free appetizer from my guy Steven at my spot on South Beach Miami.  

Free appetizer from my guy Steven at my spot on South Beach Miami.  


My final tip #5- Last but not least be a generous tipper. Okay I know this seems a bit ambiguous, but let me explain. This point works only if you intend on coming back to this spot like I mentioned in tip #4 or if you are recommending a spot to others. Unlike other forms of profiling, in the restaurant business it's not illegal. However, whether you agree or not we leave a footprint that is often remembered for others to come. Okay lemme just say it because trying to be politically correct is making me seem daft. Tip well so that they know that we Bahamians are often good tippers. Once that happens every Bahamian receives the benefit of the doubt. It works trust me. 

Listen it's not easy to articulate this stuff sometimes, but you get the drift and trust me if you follow these guidelines your dining experience will for ever change. Ps these work here at home too but....🤣🤣.