The top 5 places to eat in The Nassau!

Okay, so my lawyer and my publicist both insisted that I put this disclaimer up before I say another word! (Don't hate because I have a TEAM!  Just get your own). 

This list is my opinion and does not represent the claims of anyone else. Those listed have not even been contacted to know they would be mentioned and will only know they are when this list is posted.  These restaurants are not perfect, but they provide an amazing experience here in Nassau, Bahamas. 

Ok the legal stuff out the way, here is my list. Albeit in nonspecific order. 


- SHIMA. This Thai fusion restaurant located at the Island House Hotel is an amazing spot. The food is aunthetically done and the chef's ability to change and add new items to the menu makes it one of my favorites. Add in the movies located a few steps away and it is an amazing date night spot. 

- The Pink Octopus... The food gods have definitely visited the chef here in his sleep and gifted him well. The food is innovative and definitely a frequent spot of mine. 

- The Warwick Hotel. Yeap I said it. This all inclusive joint is redefining hotel food as we know it. The chef here is making sure The Soul of the food is not lost. It is all inclusive resort so this makes it even more fulfilling. Literally. Grab a day pass and go check it out.  

- The Golden Shore, Saunders Beach. Okay I know Chinese food in the Bahamas is not authentically done for the most part. In fact in the western world,  but this is the best and most consistent to me. The food here is my idea of good fast food. And this is where you will find me and my crew most days when we have time to grab a bite. Trust me it is the best....

Last, but not least  Lunch @ Dunes. Okay so most of you know that I'm wasn't the biggest fan of this place. That Sunday boil fish "cousin" made me so mad. It wasn't a favorite to say the least. HOWEVER, they have made some changes and to be really honest I go for the bread service and the desserts. Listen to me. Orgasmic. Unmatched. Innovative. Distinctive. And I can continue for weeks describing what pastry chef Angel is doing over there. Don't get me wrong the lunch good but the baked goods are Stupid Good! 

There are certainly newer spots that I have yet to visit like Manuelos, Thyme, Biggety, Cjay's Deli and that French Bistro at Baha Mar that I've been given great feedback on and so this list will be revisited. 

But, we will be back. For sure.  


Please if you have a spot that you want me to check out leave a comment when I will surely visit and give my reviews. Thanks again and no matter what I feel or say remember to always Eat. PRAY. LOVE!