Hors d'oeuvres 4.0

Throwing a party doesn't mean that you have to serve "stables" of meats, tables of side dishes and an endless buffets of food. How about a tapas or appetizer only party? 


Small Bites!  

My biggest tip today is don't try to recreate new recipes for everything. Simply take some of your existing dishes and MINIATURIZE them. Meaning nothing should be more than 2, maximum 3 bites. 

My top seven miniaturized dishes in no particular ranking;

  1. Baby loaded baked potatoes
  2. A twirl of spaghetti Bolognese 
  3. One riblet if smoked bbq pork ribs  
  4. A shot of hot or cold soup with @glfarmsbahamas fresh blossom shoots 
  5.  Hot fish sliders. Okay I know sliders are a bit played out, but when you use purity bakery pull away brioche clusters and make spicy hot fish then a slider is 100 percent endorsed.
  6. "Leftover" tacos. Listen a tortilla was made to  envelop  what ever you have for it. So try turning those leftover baked lamb chops or steamed pork chop into the most amazing 2 to 3 bites "teaser". 
  7. Mini chicken n' da bag. Inside of leg quarters use a wing and some hand cut fries. French in "hot sauce ketchup" and serve.