Summer tips! Bbq guidelines for just about anyone.

Seasoning: Don't mind all the hoopla about secret this and secret that..... it is often unnecessary hype. So don't get nervous and follow these simple rules.   Rule #1- Use sea or kosher salt. I have no scientific reason behind it, all I know is "dey is work best"

Rule #2- 50 % of the seasoning will simply burn off. So for dry rubs go heavier and for wet marinades make sure that you give the product time to absorb your seasonings. 

Rule #3- Remember that dried herbs burn and fresh herbs add moisture thus blocking proper browning. Try making a drizzle, a sauce or a dressing for after to add last minute or make a marinade that doubles for a sauce that you can grill in like my grilled sweet soy snapper. 

My go-to Asian sauce: 3 cloves chopped garlic/ 1 thumb of fresh peeled ginger/ chopped cilantro/ 1 cup sweet chili sauce/ 1/2 cup low sodium soy sauce/ 1/4 cup Hoisin. Combine and thin with a lilt sake and serve. 

There's a huge difference between "low and slow smokin and grillin'. What Caribbean folk usually call BBQ is what most people understand to be grilling.  

Here's my quick "LOW AND SLOW BBQ GUIDE". 

Pork ribs cook in about 8 hrs  

Beef brisket cooks in about 14-16 hrs  

Pork shoulder or pork butt in about 10- 14 hrs  

Jerk chicken 3-5 hours  




What can I say? This is what a good BBQ plate should look like.  

My go to rub. ( So simple you won't believe it)  

1 cup kosher salt  

1/2 cup butcher block or course ground black pepper.  

That's it. I promise. That's it!  

Okay so there's a catch.  

  1. You can't use fresh ground black pepper on BBQ because it's too strong.  
  2. Buy good meats. If you buy good pork or beef or chicken then you don't want to dump a bunch of competing flavors on it  so keep it simple. Taste the smoke and the bbq sauce if you want it. 

The final tip of the day is not from me but from my BBQ mentor, eventhough he doesn't know it and that's the proper bbq sauce. Listen I won't lie I've watched  this video and more of his about a thousand times. My only suggestion is that you try it straight up then put your spin on it. I have and I have 3 sauces thag are 2 die for. 

Obviously this is not my video and I share this without any credit for it. Go support and like this dude who is the king of BBQ in Texas.  

Next up...sides.  

Next week we will focus on my favorite part of  the summer bbq experience.....the accoutrements. From pickles to cornbread to vegan greens that still make you want to slap your mama!