Kitchen summer camp!

Okay, so I'm sorry if you thought you was getting some cooking classes for free. Me and free don't go 2 step. It's a virtual cooking camp for the next few weeks. From easy to follow videos to recipes to quizzes and words of the week. We will do it all here. 

This week we follow Chef Jacques Pepin is known to this generation for being one of the most amazing chefs that teaches the fundamentals and sound kitchen techniques to all. 

Bon Appetit magazine is featuring several amazing videos of him showing some of these techniques to the world. This is a MUST watch for anyone interested in cooking professionally or at home. 

Remember if you know the basics you can work hard to learning how to "break" (ok I mean do things your way) dem'. 

Fundamentals of cooking.....these videos never get old!  Click on the links and watch the entire series. It is worth it!