The art of menu writing.

A fellow chef, a famous local blogger and I had a interesting conversation this week that inspired me to post this blog this morning. If you have been following us, you would know that my style of cuisine is "local ingredients with global techniques". Something  repeated so much that my auyotype puts the phrase in automatically on my android. LOL!  

The topic of discussion was based on the fact that the Bahamas was NOT included in the top 10 foodie spots in the Caribbean by a leading magazine. ( Sorry I'm in the Starbucks on universal about to catch a flight so I ain't gern looking up the source but its on my Facebook. Go check it out!)  

To chop a long story short...... we ended     up speaking about what is Bahamian and are Bahamians ready for the creative fusion food we want to present the world? Do we stay down home to be considered authentic or does my CORNED BEEF BITE disqualify me as a ambassador for a true Bahamain experience. 

Well here's to one of my latest menus for a project I'm working on. It's Bahamian but it's my twist on things. It's what my grandmother would cook if she was born on October 1976 I believe.   

BUT,  YOU tell me. Judge away. Criticise. Love. Hate, express what you feel and we can start a discussion. Remember menus are made to tell a story through food and this is what we are doing.  TELLING THE BAHAMIAN STORY! 


Shout out to my girl and expert handwriter that hand writes all these menus. We aim to be the first .......sorry can't tell you anymore. Just stay tuned.