Watermelon on da vine.

 I'm not sure  if there's a term for chefs that see things in color that is as cool as synesthesia for musicians , but there should be and it would explain how I see red and green when I see the word             "watermelon" .


The Bahamian folk song, "Watermelon spoiling on the vine" is one of my favorites and so is this dish. So simple, but yet so complex in flavor.

Add this is one of the few dishes I make where the garnish is vital to the overall experience of the dish. As you will learn I love soups and how you can make any soup seem sophisticated. But that's for later. For now you will need: 

A blender or juicer 

A melon baller

A fine mesh type strainer 

A skillet and other typical kitchen tools. 


1 large local watermelon 

2 limes 

1/4 oz fresh ginger  peeled

A splash or two of Tabasco 

6 large shrimp. Peeled and deveined  ( I use a 13/15 shrimp)

2 tsp store bought blackening spice ( I have some in the making for purchase at a later date)  

Garnish with Green Leaf Farms edible flowers, chives and micro greens. ( Stop being cheap! #yesisaidit)

METHOD OF PREPARATION (M.O.P. for all future recipes)

Cut the melon in half.  And place it in a bowl to reserve all of the liquids. Then use the melon baller to make the perfect melon balls. Then freeze for about 4 hours along with the serving bowl. Yes put the clean bowls in the freezer as well.

Using a juicer extract the juice of the all the remaining water melon and the ginger.

*If using a blender use the collected juice to get it started.  DO NOT ADD WATER! Then strain with a fine mesh sieve. 

Then simply add the juice from one lime ( Yeah I said 2 but you can never tell with limes. Taste it first and if you want or need more add it. It should taste bright and watermelony  not like limeade!). At the Tabasco.

Reserve and chill 

Simply season the shrimp with the blackening and sear in a cast iron skillet. To properly blacken something you should have a intensely hot skillet and a drop or 2 of regular oil. Not EVOO!   REMEMBER TO COOK THE SHRIMP LAST MINUTE. AKA "A LA MINUTE" in kitchen terms.

This way you have a contrast of hot and cold....citrus, sweet, spicy and some bitter from the edible flowers. Culinary perfection. 

Plate up as seen.



Simple can sometimes be the best.  


Keep it clean and simple  

Keep it clean and simple  


This dish combines the sum of the whole to make it work.  


Dimple ways to plate up at home.  


The muse for this dish.