End of Summer Giveaway



1. Post any dish you make between June 21st to September 21st , 2017  with the hashtag #makingsummertastegoodagain on Instagram, follow my Instagram and tag me as well @simeonjalljr. A lil secret;  summer dishes will be best, but attempts on my recipes will definitely be favored. Hey dis my giveaway I make my own rules.....

2. The food, the talent ( me and my crew, smt to the grammar police), the wines and all the beverage will be free. All you have to do is supply the venue. BOOM! Ps we will travel anywhere a large plane goes at your expense of course. 

3. This giveaway is for TWO people only. If you want to transfer this towards an event by yours truly you can but that will be at cost.  

4. You can give this gift away. It's value is 450.00     (we're talking about a lavish meal so). However you will have to send that in writing. 

5. The only difficult part of this giveaway is it is subject to my availability and is redeemable for only 6 months. So let's get to planning. 

6. You must type "giveaway" in the comment section of this blog to be eligible. 

Thank you all for your support and I look forward to making someone belly happy soon. 

That's it!