It will be epic.

In the kitchen aka the Lab.  


Someone asked me just yesterday why I didn't open a restaurant of my own. Was it funding or was it fear or was it location or what? To their surprise my answer was simply complex!


I told her it just was not time. (If I tried to explain exactly what I mean by this, that would last for hours, so just breeze pass all of the philosophical mumbo-jumbo that is implied here. Lol!) 

However, I also explained to her that not a day goes by and I don't create a plate or see a vegetable or become inspired by the curves of a woman and think of some dish my spot will serve. 

Truth is, it hasn't been until now that I truly have a sense of what my spot will be called. (The name is amazing!) What it will serve and where in the Bahamas it will be.  #patience . But for now....I am so happy working with the team I have and building a great product in the island where I am.

Don't get me wrong, it will happen. I am not in a hurry, but I am working on every little detail daiky. From menus to water conservation to how to deal with a restaurant that has a 30 to 60 day reservation list, we are in the lab. And just to prove it to you all I'm releasing 3 of the menus that are the cornerstone of my intended spot. Menus that will change every week and ........okay that's enough.

Read them and give me some feedback and I will select some of those who respond to attend a tasting dinner that I will hold when I take vacation this year.

You asked for it and it will come . Just remember #patience!  


Guava duff souffle is ridiculous.  


You didn't even know that I've been in the lab.  


The conch chowder ravioli is sick!