"You ain't no Chef but she/ he don't know that."

The best thing you can have in any kitchen is confidence. And confidence comes from being prepared. Follow these 5 easy steps and you will definitely make your date ask if you went to Le Cordon Bleu. 

1. Remember eating is an experience and love is in the details. From the candle in the guest bathroom, to tonight's choice of wine, to the music Playlist and every thing in between you will make an impact. If the food is okay, but the experience is great your date will remember the entire evening and not the creme brulee that you forgot to torch properly for dessert. 

2. K.I.S.S. .... Not that kind freshie.....the one that's says keep it stupid simple. Make food that you are comfortable making and nothing that makes even the most trained Chef nervous. In other words don't try to master a souffle on the first Chef night unless you present her with an apron, some tools and a cook book and say whatever she picks you will both make together for the first time. Then....

3. Buy great ingredients. Good in. Good out. Pots don't make magic they make food. Oh and please buy a good bottle of wine. 

4. Presentation is key. Take your time and present the food as best as you can. Remember serve hot foods hot and cold foods cold. Chill your salad plates. Freeze your ice cream bowls, chill your wine and water glasses and warm your dinner/ soup plates. 

5. Be smart. Prepare some of your food the day before. Marinate meats, vegetables etc and if you're making most soups they are often better the day before.


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