Late Night BLT.

I know everyone will hate me for this one, but love the recipe. 

In a world with so many eyes on everyone, where the gym is now everyone's sanctuary, this possibly could be the most sinnister and bittersweet post ever.

However, I think most people would agree that after a busy day filled with life's cacophonies, that time becomes a terrible chaperone of hunger. With just a few staple items you can create the most unrestrained treat. 

As you all know most of what I pen are tips and not specific recipes. This is no exception.  

1. Never fry bacon. Lay the bacon strips on a long oven pan and bake at 375 degrees until crisp. About 8 minutes. Remember buy good thick cut bacon.  

2. I hardly ever use mixed lettuce on a sandwich, but in this case the mix of baby arugula sorrel and spinach make for an amazing sandwich.  ( Available at the Saturday Island House market) 

3. Mix equal parts dijon mustard and mayonnaise to make the perfect spread. 

4. Finally use a vegetable peeler and make strips of cucumber for the sandwich.  Along with thick slices of tomato I promise you will enjoy. 

Serve the sandwich with a non alcoholic mix and kettle chips and whether you are eating alone or not the air will be filled with hmmmmms and smiles.  

The ultimate late night snack.  

Mis en place.