Leftovers 2.0

Date night recipe tips......Leftovers 2.0

Her: Hey babes I'm coming over. Should I stop for something to eat?

You: Hello no I'm cooking ( as you lay in bed, lying!)

First as long as your alive and more so dating you should have a clean house, assorted candles, good water, Voss or sparkling slim can flavored Perrier and some food in the 'fridge.

Secondly look in the 'fridge......ah leftovers baby. ( Shout out to my leftover muse. Yes you I'm sorry for all the leftover jokes).

Thirdly, make sure your glasses, water and wine are at the right temperature. Reds should go in the 'fridge at least 10 minutes before.

Tonight let's make a corned beef fried rice and a sunny side up egg. Topped with house made hot sauce. Okay king use Tabasco, but I make my own hot sauce so I had to plug that in there.

Side note I ain't telling you how to make a sunny side up egg dats your girl LEARN IT!

In a hot pan add some sliced onions, green onions, man whatever you have but make sure the pan is searing hot. Add the cold rice and then the corned beef. Mix it together and then let it sit in the hot pan to get a bit of Potcake. "Oh yes Potcake is a must in real fried rice." For my none Bahamian followers that's crispy bottom of the pan rice.

Finally plate and top with fried egg, @glfbahamas fresh edible blossoms, sliced peppers and the hot sauce. Serve with a light Beringer red from Brad Fox and bey you straight. 

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