Using it All!

 After working with chefs like Craig Deihl, whose newest restaurant was just on Bon Appetit's top 50 list  Chef Kenny Gilbert of Bravos Top Chefs season 7 and chef owner of Gilbert's Underground Kitchen and so many more local and international tutors it is only natural that we would appreciate the use of the entire animal. 

Earlier in my career, I truly believed that the islands were limited in the ingredients we had. However, the more I traveled and researched I came to understand the abundance of local treasures staring us all in our face. From heritage breed pigs to sea moss, wild stone fruits and berries to an abundance of seafood, the Bahamas has a full pantry of goodies waiting for chefs to mold. 

After years of study, I am so excited to be one of the  pioneers to encourage us all to simply use what we have. Follow me on instagram and facebook for daily posts of the Movement.