‘The life of a chef, how my mornings begin…’


It’s four (4) a.m. and the rambunctious siren mode of my alarm on my blackberry reminds me that my commitment to success this year far outweighs my ever-changing moods and feelings of doubt.

My second, just in case alarm, shakes off the last of the wooziness and it’s time to get it cracking. My days are long and my nights are short. My sisters who often double as my life coaches remind me of how demanding the road ahead will be. Each day will be met with more blessings and more requests, more opportunities and more items to complete; Whether it be content for my website, designs for my kitchen studio, recipes after recipes, my two cookbooks and so much more, my days are filled with hard work and an abundance of rewards to come.

Five (5) a.m. rolls in and my devotion time leaves me fueled for the next leg of the day, my ‘Sean T 25 minute workout’. Twenty-five (25) minutes of jumping, squatting and twisting around the 15 years of eating I have rolled into me (like most chefs do). Not the easiest nor the prettiest task but I get it done.

Normally a shower would not be significant but for me even my 5.30 a.m. shower reminds me of food and what I do. It’s the one time of the day that I test my coconut oil, brown sugar, thyme and rosemary bath wash that I am working on. A product that shows how ambitious I am and how much food controls my entire life.

The blossoming sun meets me in my laboratory, my kitchen where I had initially planned to make a breakfast of calaloo and one yolk - three egg white omelet, with mint compressed watermelon, sorrel, freshly squeezed orange juice and star apple punch. But, my email inbox forced me to adjust that spread to a power-packed strawberry, quinoa, chai and green tea smoothie. With drink in one hand and the mouse in the next I stumble upon an email from my friend D’Vanya who as I can tell is becoming a successful blogger. Vanzblogs Foodie Fridays needs a blog from me for tomorrow and I have not the slightest clue what to speak about.

I can’t speak about my life in Grenada where I am now researching the food culture of the Eastern Caribbean as that story is to be published in The Nassau Guardian this weekend. Nor can I speak about my cookbook chronicling my travels around the world, nor do I have the time to speak about how over the last 8 weeks I have studied how to make yeast from the air alone, cured egg yolks or made my own anchovies.

To me my life is a kaleidoscope of interesting tidbits of which I hope someday will interest and influence many. Mid-thought, my 6.30 alarm reminds me that it’s time to review my lesson plan for my lecture today at a local Community College that I have been volunteering at. Today I have the second half of the first year students that I taught on Monday. A group that is the most impressionable yet least committed to their craft. Today we are going to make the perfect chicken stock. 8 pounds of roasted chicken bones, 1 pound of carrots, celery and onion and 1 gallon of distilled water. Slow roasted in the oven then simmered on the stove. Strained and portion in ice trays for the perfect stock cube when they need it. Simple to me, but a challenge when you have 19 raging teenage minds in front of you.

Maybe if we execute class the way that I have planned I will show them how to turn 3 cups of regular flour and 4 whole eggs into the most amazing fresh pasta and allow them to play with my $500 Italian pasta machine and keep my fingers crossed. Being reminded, I stopped my revision to review and send some pictures of my favorite dishes to my Web Designer - a mammoth task for someone with an appreciation of food and tons of pictures.

Well its 7.30 and I guess I will get my day started!