Chef Simeon B. Hall, Jr. is a Renaissance Chef, Author and Entrepreneur. With more than 20 years of experience in the culinary industry, when it comes to the art of cooking, Chef Simeon’s philosophy is simple – to cook as Mother Nature intended and as Grandmothers Nola and Nay would have wanted. Chef Simeon buys local, organic ingredients, keep things simple yet innovative, and lets the food speak for itself. Chef Simeon then adds his style of modern day history with Caribbean cuisine, rooted in classical flavors and ingredients.

Chef Simeon presently serves as Chef/Owner of Simeon Hall Restaurant Management Group and The Restaurant Chef of La Hiki, Four Seasons Ko’Olina, Oahu Hawaii. While based in the Hawaii, Chef Simeon continues to work with companies around The Bahamas, the Caribbean and the culinary world at large. 

Chef Simeon is well known in the local and international culinary world and has been a fierce proponent of the ‘farm to table’ and ‘sea to spoon’ movements long before their mainstream popularity.  As a major supporter of local ingredients, farmers and fishermen, Chef Simeon has emerged as a true Bahamian Culinary Ambassador and a genuine supporter of putting local ingredients and products on the supper tables of Bahamians and the world over. He has partnered with the Bahamas Marine and Science Institute (BAMSI) to consult and bring awareness to the importance of food sustainability. 

With accomplishments such as his first cookbook, the long anticipated event “Ignite” and eyes on his first brick and mortar just a stone’s throw away, there is no doubt that Chef Hall will continue to raise the culinary bar and represent Bahamian and Caribbean food well.